18 October 2009

MISSION: Breast Cancer Awareness: Beautiful Pink Scarf

Secret Agent L is so honored by her Affiliated Agents' selfless, creative, and thoughtful acts of kindness, especially during this, Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Affiliated Agent D of Oregon never fails to bring a huge smile to Secret Agent L's face and, I'm sure, the faces of all the readers and finders-of-her-treats. Affiliated Agent D, we are blessed to have you in this world!

Date: Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Location: Good Samaritan Regional Medical Center, Corvallis, Oregon

Time: Agent did not specify

Affiliated Agent D states: "Well, I FINALLY got this mission completed!! A few weeks back I ordered an adorable crochet scarf pattern off of etsy (I'm addicted!). I made it up in the softest pink yarn I could find...for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

"Today hubby had an appointment for a CT scan at the hospital. I decided that would be the perfect place to leave it, so when we left, it stayed behind in the Nuclear Medicine waiting room :) Hopefully it brightened someone's day!!"

Affiliated Agent D, that scarf is GORGEOUS! And it looks so soft and cuddly--perfect for the sensitive skin of someone undergoing radiation and/or chemotherapy. You are an angel. Keep up the excellent work! THANK YOU!


Anonymous said...

That is just so very beautiful!!

Operation Smiley Face said...

That scarf looks yummy! I'm happy for the lucky person that finds it. :)