07 October 2009

MISSION: Indiana University Simon Cancer Center

HOLY MOLY, everyone! Affiliated Agent C of Indiana outdid herself yesterday! This agent is on fire!

Date: Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Time: late afternoon

Location: Indiana University Simon Cancer Center

Affiliated Agent C states: "Yesterday, I went around the Cancer Center and left little goodies for people to find. I tried to hit the hot spots where people would probably need the most cheering up.

"I went to the Women's Testing Center, two of the Infusion Labs, and one of the bathrooms.

"Also, my uncle was just treated at the same facility recently. He's taken a turn for the worse and it's not looking good. So in his honor, I stealthily left some things on the floor where he was treated. It happens to share a hallway with the maternity ward, so I left one in the maternity waiting room and one in the Oncology Surgical Recovery bathroom. I also left one in the cafeteria knowing that's a common place to go when your loved one is being treated.

"This was my first mission, so I was pretty pumped not to get caught!! I left nail polishes and some Burt's Bees chapsticks. Hopefully it will brighten a few days!"

Secret Agent L sends her deepest thanks for the outstanding work Affiliated Agent C did on her very first mission. But most importantly, Secret Agent L and the entire community of Affiliated Agents and blog followers send their love, thoughts, and prayers to Affiliated Agent C and her family--and especially her uncle--as they all continue to battle this awful disease. We're thinking of you!!



Arwen said...

My heart is always warmed when I read about these secret missions! It never fails to cheer up my day.

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Dawn&Brian said...

What a great mission!!