18 October 2009

MISSION: Community

This Amazing Affiliated Agent knows how to warm the hearts of those around her.  She has spread kindness the country over much longer than she's been an affiliate of Secret Agent L.  We are grateful for her heartwarming missions.  I, speaking as myself, Number Two (aka Affiliated Agent V), know this agent as a personal inspiration in my own life.  

I have been affected by Domestic Violence. I spent three years in a relationship that was verbally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically detrimental. With strength and courage I forgot I had, I was able to get out with my life. Many are not so lucky.  This is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. I urge you to take note of the women in your life: tell them how much you care and keep each other close. Domestic Violence hides in plain sight and you never know when your acts of love and kindness can give someone the faith she needs to find her way to freedom. I would not be here today, I am certain, without the love and help of three special women.  Please visit The National Domestic Violence Hotline website for more.    

DATE: October 11, 2009

TIME: afternoon

LOCATION: warm and sunny Arizona

She reports:

"Disciple-Elf of Secret Agent L had an interesting week. She just moved to Arizona and the block she moved to had a 'tragedy' occur recently. A woman lived on her street with her roommate, Mindy. This certain woman living with Mindy was going through a divorce, was dating someone new and her estranged husband stopped by the house one night, angry. He ended up taking not only her life, but his own...

She was part of the Police Force...

Disciple-Elf of Secret Agent L knows about this type of situation from her own, personal experience. Her former spouse was also extremely violent and although she did escape with her life, her former spouse ended up taking his own life in Dec of 2008. Well, needless to say, she realized she moved on this block for a reason. Recently, Mindy moved back into the house she shared with her deceased roommate and the neighborhood had a block party to welcome Mindy back. Disciple-Elf of Secret Agent L knows how people will rally around someone for a short time, but as time passes, they tend to disappear. So, after waiting a few weeks, she dropped off a goodie bag on Mindy's doorstep full of things in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month and to let her know the community is still thinking of her. 

Disciple-Elf of Secret Agent L is a Wellness Coach, so she is ALL about disease prevention. It is a proven, scientific fact that fruits & veggies, essential oils and certain stones keep our cells healthy and cancer never attacks a healthy cell! It only attacks weakened, mutated cells. She put apples, essential oils & ancient stones in an earth-friendly bag for Mindy to come home to.

True community is created through unification, not simple connectedness, and one event that seems tragic to so many has unified two women. Personally, it is not seen as tragic whatsoever to these two women. We see every situation, dark or light, as a chance to unify...and we chose to do just that. :)

'Where two or more are gathered...' :) "

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Wow! That was powerful! Thanks for sharing that. :)