12 October 2009

MISSION: To Hold You Over

Well, Secret Agent L had grand plans to post a rather enormous mission she and her Number Two completed over the weekend, but she realized that she forgot to load the pictures onto her flash drive. Oops.

Thus, she brings to you--to hold you over--two missions completed recently by a couple of our Affiliated Agents. Enjoy!

Date: Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Location: study carrel, Gumberg Library, Duquesne University

Time: afternoon

Affiliated Agent D (who is a man, by the way--our first male Affiliated Agent!!) states: "It's not nearly as crafty and nice looking as some of the ones you have done, but I left it in one of the study carrels in the library yesterday afternoon."

Secret Agent L is flattered by Affiliated Agent D's kind remarks about her craftiness. She assures Affiliated Agent D that his work is just as fabulous. How nice that someone who has been studying hard will stumble upon that Starbucks gift card and will be able to buy a yummy treat to help get through that intellectual rigor!

Date: 18 September 2009

Location: Candy and magazine shop, Reagan National Airport (DCA), Washington, D.C.

Time: agent did not specify

Affiliated Agent L states: "The weekend of Sept 18 I was headed to a wedding in Chicago and had a little time to get together something fun for my very first mission. I went to the dollar store not far from my office and I decided that there might be some kids with frantic mom/dad headed to the airport like I was but might be in need of some $1 fun stuff for the airplane ride.

"I picked out a set of plastic farm animals and a tube of colored pencils (gender neutral so either a little gal or guy might enjoy!). I attached the calling card and a note that read 'This is for your little one going on a big trip! Bon Voyage!'

"Had I thought through the mission a little more, I might have realized that dropping a mysterious package and slyly snapping pictures is not the best activity for the DCA Washington DC airport. But once I realized this, I was already through security with a few minutes to spare before my hopping on the plane.

"I settled on a drop spot inside the candy and magazine shop, on the shelf next to the diapers, handy wipes, sewing kits, etc where I imagined a frazzled mom or dad my go. I dropped the package snapped a couple quick picks and disappeared to Chicago!

"The mission was great fun! I'll definitely do it again, although not in the airport."

Thank you so much, Affiliated Agents! Keep up the good work!

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