29 July 2010

Aren't You Glad I Said Donuts!

After an extended absence, Number 2 reports a mission. Wow! Is it great to be back. Home. I never want to leave Pittsburgh again. So to thank some of Pittsburgh's friendliest and finest, SAL teamed up with Dunkin' Donuts again to give downtowners a nice after-lunch treat.

After a lunch meeting today, SAL and I set up the plans with Robyn of Dunkin.

MISSION: Donut Delivery Girl
DATE: Thursday, July 29
TIME: 1:15pm

Step 1: Pick up two dozen assorted (including Secret Agent L) donuts from the Dunkin Donuts in Market Square.

Step 2: Choose recipients of each dozen.

The first was fairly simple. Market Square is really coming along; the construction is nearly complete, the lunch tables are up, and the food vendors are out! The second was a bit more difficult; so many great people downtown deserve a treat.

After picking up the donuts, I wandered around Market Square until I spotted a PNC bank. I am donating to a project a friend and her daughter have started, Help Me, Help Others and needed to take care of some banking business.

So I thought, why not just leave a dozen inside for the hardworking staff to enjoy!

I walked in, set the donuts on a little table beside the tellers, finished my business, and walked out, leaving the donuts behind.

The door was even held for me by another teller as I exited. I don't think anyone even noticed the donuts until I left. Awe.some!

Then I headed toward the Blvd. of the Allies. Always a busy place. I saw the sign for the Southwestern Pennsylvania Chapter of the American Red Cross and knew I had to leave them the second dozen donuts.

I walked in to a very friendly desk attendant but didn't let his greeting deter me. I plopped the bag on the counter and said, "I'm delivering a dozen donuts!" He asked who ordered them to which I responded with my hands in the air in a questioning manner and a peppy, "The Red Cross?!?" Fortunately, this was sufficient enough information. He told me he'd find out who called for them as I quickly thanked him and headed toward the door. I couldn't wait around to answer anymore questions - the SAL card on the boxes would do that.

I snapped his photo, donuts on the counter, as I left the building.

Hope everyone enjoys their afternoon treat from Dunkin and SAL!


Secret Agent L said...

that's my girl! thank you, number two!

you. rock.

secret agent l

sEy said...

that's a nice mission....i love it :)

JenEngland said...

Thanks for mentioning Help Me Help Others! You made her day! She can't believe she got mentioned in Secret Agent L's blog!!

Deanne Heller said...

Hi Secret Agent L!

I work for the Red Cross and I have to say that you did brighten our day! Thanks for thinking of us!

Anonymous said...

If I worked at that bank I would be very suspicious. It's like leaving a suprise bag at the airport.