07 July 2010

MISSION: Smoothies for Construction Workers

My Affiliated Agents are awesome! They've been completing missions non-stop, which means you all get to see their kindness in action here just about every day! Keep it up, Affiliated Agents! Don't stop now!

Affiliated Agent H of Sterling, Virginia, gets a double commendation for getting up at the crack of dawn to complete her mission. Plus, she actually went out the night before to get some preliminary photos! And her sense of humor? Loving it. Way to go, Affiliated Agent H!

Date: Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Time: 7:00 a.m.

Location: site of the new Gold's Gym, Sterling, Virginia

Gifts: gift cards to local smoothie shop

Let's see what she says about her mission:

I've been eagerly awaiting the opening of my new gym, which is set to happen in less than 2 weeks now.

With the blistering heat we've had here this week, it occurred to me that the guys working on it could probably use a little refreshment.

I went last night and got some gift cards to a smoothie shop that is nearby the work site.

I took pictures of the site while I was out, just to minimize the amount of time I'd be doing anything suspicious this morning when people might see me. I put the gift cards inside some notecards.

Then I wrapped them up just to make them fancy, because if there's anything that construction workers like, I'm sure it's something fancy. Especially if there's a pink ribbon involved. At least I used some brown wrapping paper to make it a little more masculine.

I arrived in the parking lot around 7:00 this morning and did my best to be stealthy as I scurried around, leaving the packages on a few of the cars and getting a few pictures. I was very, very nervous that I would get caught.....and then very, very relieved that I made it out of there before anyone came outside. I suspect that someone might have noticed me, though.

After running another errand, I drove by again (at a distance this time) and the owner of one of the chosen vehicles was sitting there with the door open, presumably opening the package I left on his windshield. Here's hoping he likes smoothies! I'm already looking forward to my next mission, where hopefully I'll be a little less conspicuous!

We can't wait for your next mission, Affiliated Agent H!! Well done!!

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Nate St. Pierre said...

I'm a dude, and I would LOVE to get something like this on my windshield, even if it DID have a pink ribbon on it. :)