22 July 2010

MISSION: Kindness from Down Under

Get ready, folks.


Are you sitting down?


We have ANOTHER international mission today! That's three in a row! This world really is so much smaller than we think! Look at how kindness just keeps spreading--across time zones, across oceans, across barriers of all types. This is so exciting!

Affiliated Agent A in Perth, Australia, took it upon herself to spread a little kindness and day-brightening where she works. Let's check out the details of her mission!

Date: 14 July 2010

Time: during the workday

Location: Ladies Restroom, Public Transport Authority, Perth, Australia

Affiliated Agent A states:

Dear Secret Agent L,

Inspired by your amazing work I decided to share a little happy over here in Australia. I work at the Public Transport Authority in Perth, Australia and people don't always look too happy. So I left a present in one of the ladies bathrooms, the most discrete place I could find. I have since been back to check and it is gone.

I left a piece of White Orchard Fudge (wrapped of course) and 6AUD, with instruction to "enjoy a coffee and some fudge--you work hard, you deserve it!"

Six dollars isn't too much but it will get you any coffee you want from the downstairs cafe and usually a cake as well.

Affiliated Agent A, we are honored to have you spreading kindness down under, and we look forward to more missions from you! Thank you!


James said...

I love the international missions, and the packaging is super inviting! Secret Agent L, your taking over!

SgtMcMuffin said...

What about the mens room? >_>