02 July 2010

MISSION: Mount Veron (a.k.a. We Heart George Washington)

I love when things come full circle. I have Affiliated Agent K to thank for allowing that to happen. When she emailed me and told me she'd completed a mission in Washington, D.C. at Mount Vernon (George Washington's estate and gardens), I almost fell out of my chair.

My mom was there visiting only TWO DAYS after Affiliated Agent K's mission! What a small world!

Date: Saturday, 26 June 2010

Location: Mount Vernon, Washington, D.C.

Time: not specified

Gifts: Two Starbucks Gift Cards

Let's see what Affiliated Agent K experienced!

Well, Secret Agent L, I did it! I completed my first mission.

Last Saturday (6/26) I went to Washington DC for the day to play tourist and I thought, where better to leave my little packages of kindness than Mount Vernon. It was a very hot day and many people there had traveled a great distance.

So I set out with my two little gifts consisting of a 5 dollar Starbucks card in an envelope wrapped in tissue paper (because, really, who doesn’t love unwrapping!)

Once I arrived I realized that this was going to be much trickier than I thought as it was a very crowded attraction and whenever I found what I thought was a good spot, it seemed as though there were too many people around.

I finally settled on a little nook underneath a bust in the education center for my first drop as it was readily visible but not too busy at the time.

I left my second card in the interactive museum area, under one of the question flaps about George Washington. The next person who wondered how many schools are named after George Washington hopefully found a little more than the answer.

After going through the museum, I made sure to walk past the bust where I left the first card, and sure enough… someone found it!!!

What great fun this mission was, I can’t wait to do another!

Thanks so much, Affiliated Agent K! We can't wait to get your next mission's stats!

1 comment:

Kristine Gjessing said...

Aww, I found the second card there! :D
I saw it and then first I walked maybe 5 steps away, before I got too curious and ran back, picked it up and took it with me ^-^;

Only downside is that I'm from Norway, and we don't have starbucks.. yet x) But I was in the US for 2 weeks after I found the card, and used it whilst I was there :)

But it's such an awesome idea :D and it really brightened up my day :)
I'd love to do such things myself aswell :'D