02 July 2010

mini MISSION: Nurses Rock. Period.

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I received an email yesterday from an Affiliated Agent who, with her message, absolutely blew me away. This AA is currently in the hospital (I haven't heard for what, but I'm trusting she's okay since she was able to email me). I know, right?! She's IN THE HOSPITAL and she's emailing me.

And do you want to know what her email said? Well, let me just share it with you. Prepare to be inspired.

I completed a small mission in State College earlier today. (as in Wednesday 30 June). I am sorry to say there are not any photos. There is a legitimate reason, however. I am in the hospital. (Blargh). Oh well. To the important part...

I heard a nurse crying when I was taking a short walk through the halls. Her superior dragged her into a storage closet and listened at first, but then said she had to get back to work. The jist I unfortunately heard from the conversation was that 1. She had recently lost a patient and as a result 2. She really hates this hospital sometimes. Lastly, 3. She is having personal problems.

How terrible! Well, I always carry some "pick-me-up" cards with me. Today, I was totally glad I did! I wrote her a short note:

"Dear H____ (full name omitted),

I know what it is like to have a really terrible day. I hope things get better for you. Until they do, Ppease keep in mind that you are greatly appreciated. You are known. You are loved."

a grateful patient on the 2nd floor

I also medical-taped a 5 dollar bill inside and wrote a postscript saying "Please treat yourself to a good cup of (NON-HOSPITAL) coffee... on me!

Can you get over this? Affiliated Agent Z is IN THE HOSPITAL, and she's CARING FOR OTHERS!! Others who typically care for her! I was so touched when I received this email, and I hope your heart is moved when you read it. A simple gesture can change everything.

Affiliated Agent Z? We're thinking of YOU, hoping you're okay, and thanking you for your truly kind gesture.


Tabitha said...

That's simply awesome :)

K. said...

Speaking as a nurse, that's the most amazing thing I've ever read. Thank you for taking the time to care about what you heard. :)

Operation Smiley Face said...

This mission really made me smile. I have a personal mission to spread smiles and I try to do so whenever, and wherever I can. I have cancer and have been hospitalized 3 times since I was dx'ed last Aug. Each time I have brought the smile pins that I make with me to give out while I'm there. The nurses and staff are always surprised by this, but I do it because it makes ME happy to focus on others instead of my problems. I hope that's true of AA Z as well. I hope it made HER smile, this act of kindness that she performed for that deserving nurse, and that both of their days were brightened because of it.

Future affliliated agent J said...

Wonderful, agent Z. My mom is a nurse, and has hard days like that from time to time, so the thought of a stranger being so comforting makes my heart smile. Especially when it is from someone having a hard time herself. You are amazing!