13 July 2010

MISSION: Laundry Money

It wasn't until recently that I had to start going to the laudromat to do my laundry. I know how fortunate I was to have free laundry right in my building. My best friend lived in a unit nearby and had a washer and dryer that I could use whenever I wanted. Then she moved. And now?

I have to dig around for quarters and lug my laundry somewhere else.

I know that other people, especially those living in the city, have to do the same thing. How fun I thought it would be to supply a laundry-doer with quarters for their weekly task!

Date: Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Location: Econ-O-Wash, S. Highland Avenue, Shadyside neighborhood of Pittsburgh, PA

Time: 5:18 p.m.

A few weeks ago, I went to Giant Eagle's Customer Service desk and asked for two rolls of quarters: one for me and one for a mission.

Turns out, I needed a roll and a half for my own laundry, which left me with $5 for today's mission. Better that than nothing at all, right?

I put the quarters in a little bag and put the bag in a little box. I also included a little note to let the recipient know that I wanted to help with their laundry.

I wrapped it all up in my signature pink and green, and included a little card explaining why the recipient was receiving this gift.

Tonight on my way home from a meeting regarding #helloSAL, I decided to swing by my neighborhood laundromat. As I drove by, I took a peek in the front window.

The laundromat is divided into two halves. The right half had a lot of people in it. The left half, however--the half with the change machine--was empty with the exception of one woman way in the back.

I walked in, pulled out my gift, placed it in the bucket in the change machine, snapped a few photos, and left.

Easy peasy. A nice, clean mission.

No pun intended.


Nate St. Pierre said...

You did intend that pun, L. Admit it.

What a lovely little efficient mission - very cool. Also, I love the pink and green together. :)

Operation Smiley Face said...

Great mission L! I purchased a roll of quarters about a month ago, with the intention of doing some random acts of kindness with it. Unfortunately I still have the roll! If I don't do what I've planned soon (putting coins in soda machines, gumball machines, etc) then I will borrow this idea from you. :)

PuppyLovePrincess said...

love this mission. love this blog!

Andrea said...

I didn't have to pay to do my laundry until recently either, so I completely understand. Hope it helped out whomever found it!

Mia said...

I just love your blog and all the random acts of kindness you do. Please keep up the good work! You are appreciated!

Raymond Reads Secret Agent L said...

Hey! My first time visiting your blog. Definitely not the last! I love what you do. :D

vintagegirl said...

what a beautiful act of kindness!
the lovely lady over at love, your neighbor had a post and incuded your link. and i have to tell you that i love your blog and your message ((of kindness!!))
p.s. i love how you put the coins in the pretty bag and then into the beautiful pink box with the note/sticker/blog mission statement!! what a gorgeous ((and useful!)) gift for someone to find!
happy first of september,
sunshine, clean clothes and unexpected gifts,
p.s. im your newest follower!!