14 August 2010

MISSION: Cards and Cash (well, sort of) at Kohl's

Remember the other day when I was all I-like-to-shop-but-have-no-money? Well, yesterday was payday, so I got a little bit of money. And, well, I wanted to spend it. I also got a sweet card in the mail from my mom (who lives 30 minutes away, but writes me letters anyway), in which she enclosed a $10 Kohl's gift card she received in a flyer. She said to use it in one of my missions. So I thought I'd go to Kohl's, do a little shopping for myself (hooray!), and then leave the $10 gift card for someone else (double hooray!).

Date: Saturday, 14 August 2010

Time: 10:01 a.m.

Location: Kohl's Department Store; Robinson Township; outside Pittsburgh, PA

It's really true that sometimes you're just $10 over the total amount you want to spend in a store.

And it's also important to remember to be kind. Even to yourself.

My friends at Quotable will help you remember.

I always add my business card, so people know that there's goodness out there.

And on today's mission, I wanted to include my signature note.

There really are some very nice people out there.

And I always wish them happiness. When people are happy, they're more inclined to be kind.

And wrapping it up all nice and pretty doesn't hurt, either.

I had a bunch of errands to run today, so I thought I'd start the morning out with a visit to Kohl's. I did, in fact, do a little shopping. (No worries. What I got was on sale.)

And on my way out, I stopped at this bench. Noboday was around, so I had ample time to set up the gift, take a couple shots, and be on my way.

I hope that whoever came in to shop at Kohl's this morning finds this little treat and leaves not only with a little something extra, but also a smile on their face.

Boy! Did it feel good to do a mission again! It's been too long!


Anonymous said...

Very cool!

Anonymous said...

What a great mission idea! I emailed to become an affiliate agent, but I couldn't wait to here back, so today, I left a cute little note card in the restroom at the mall with a couple of dollars in it. The card said "Just thought you could use a little extra sunshine today."

Lisa said...

I love those cards. I use them all the time. Who ever finds them will love it! They only have to spend $10 before tax to use it! I'll remember this next time I get a card. Such a good idea!! I get these cards like once a month or every other month because I use them every single time I get one. Mother in law gets them too. This will be fun to do with the next one I get! Thanks for sharing!!

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