09 August 2010

MISSION: Pump Up the Kindness

Quarters. I tell ya. They're never around when I need them.


It's the most popular coin out there, and yet, it's so elusive. Whenever I find one (those rare occasions, don't you know), I feel like I've hit the lottery!

Wouldn't it be nice if we found quarters when we really needed them?

Well, Affiliated Agent K (who also calls herself IslandGrlWriter), thought the same thing as well. Her mission today? Leaving quarters for someone who will probably need them.

Date: Monday, 9 August 2010

Time: 10:45 a.m.

Location: air/vacuum pump; Grand Isle, Vermont

Let's see what she had to say about her first mission!

I decided to place 8 quarters in a little bag with a note attached that read, "These are for you if you need air but have no quarters."

I placed it at the air/vacuum machine in Grand Isle, Vermont. I live in the country on an Island so it was a little more difficult to find a public place where people gather.

I've been sick lately (nothing life-threatening) and found while I was working on this project, lo and behold, I started to feel better. I'm sure it was because my mind wasn't occupied. I felt like I was on an important mission and felt like a spy. I checked out who was around and if they were paying attention to me or not.

Well done, Affiliated Agent K! And like I always say: Giving has the ability to help heal. Even the person doing the giving. :)

Hope you continue to feel better, Affiliated Agent K! Rest up so you can complete your next mission! We can't wait to see what it is!


Raymond Reads Secret Agent L said...

This blog is so intriguing. When I have a little free time, I may start my own mission!

Z.J.Ascensio said...

Awesome mission! Agent K made someone very happy. I know this because no one would be unhappy after finding that just when they needed it! :D

Anna~ said...

This is a fabulous mission! Can't say how many times I've run out of quarters filling up tires ~ air should be free, dontcha think? I am sure someone's day was brightened :-)

Operation Smiley Face said...

This was a very thoughtful mission. Love the little bag too! :)

stampylisa said...

i may have to join your mission. right now I'm busy planning the AFSP Out of the Darkness walk for hte Chicagoland area, to be held 9/25 at the Botanic Gardens, but after that, this sounds like an awesome winter project! L