17 August 2010

MISSION: Donuts and Coffee and Pirates! Oh, My!

Something I love: having donuts and a delicious coffee-type beverage

Something I don't love: being scared.

Affiliated Agent K--who has her own awesome kindness project going on and considers herself a true affiliate of the Secret Agent L Project--knows the importance of a good donut and delicious coffee-type beverage, as is evidenced by her gift selection for this mission. (Hello, Tim Horton's!) Also, she can handle being scared, whereas I cannot. She decided to make her way into her area's Pirate Festival and Haunted House to complete her second mission with the SAL Project. Who says it has to be Halloween to get a little thrill? And we know that every day is a good day to spread kindness! Plus, Affiliated Agent K's kindness skills were requested! That's right! Requested!

Date: Saturday, 31 July 2010

Location: Country Heritage Park; Milton, Ontario; Canada

Time: mid-day

Affiliated Agent K reports:

THE DETAILS: This is the first time I have been specifically requested to perform a RAK at an event.

Many times I just show up, but this time Rick Di Lorenzo (candidate for town council) contacted me to present me with a mission which I chose to accept without really thinking it through.

He wanted me to RAK at a Pirate Festival and more specifically at a haunted house he was running to raise money for our local hospital. I am a big chicken so the though hadn't occurred to me that I might have to go INSIDE.

Well I did and I was scared and I dropped one RAK and raced out, it was dark so I couldn't get a photo (or perhaps I was really to scared to think of it).

Then I planted another one on a zombie that was outside the haunted house.

2 more RAKs were left at random on the grounds of the Pirate Festival.

Best part of the day for me was the thrill. It was very difficult to drop these because everywhere you went the characters were following and interacting with you. The pickle man made my job very difficult. He was also crude but I got a laugh from him. He was actually selling massive pickles on a stick for $2.00 and would run around making innuendos about his pickle wares.....

Until my next mission, have a kind day!

Affiliated Agent K, you're the best. AND, it's clear that your skills are appreciated and needed! How impressive that you got a special invite to share your gifts with your community! And Tim Horton's is pretty great for donuts and coffee, from what I hear. I mean, they're no Dunkin Donuts, but... *wink* Thank you for your awesomeness!


Anonymous said...

Tim Hortons is THE BEST donut and coffee shop that has ever existed. Ever! =)

That is so cool that this was requested, and once again, it was another spectacular mission!

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