23 August 2010

MISSION: That's Bank.

The only time I like going to the bank is when I'm depositing money. And that's not very often, unfortunately. So if I were to go to the bank to withdraw money, I'd definitely want to be smiling.

Affiliated Agent A of Florida wants the people at her local bank to smile when they come in, so she put together a fun mission of kindness and executed it quite well recently!

Date: Thursday, 12 August 2010

Location: Vystar Credit Union on Race Track Road; Fruit Cove, Florida

Time: approximately 8:00 p.m.

Affiliated Agent A explains:

I just finished my first mission. I am forever forgetting to carry a pen with me when I go to the drive thru at my bank. So I bought two very cheery little ink pens with funny faces and wiggly hair and took them to the automatic teller machine at the bank.

I actually had to make a withdrawal so I didn't look suspicious! (This being after I actually drove through the drive-thru area a couple of times trying to find a good place to leave the gift...AS IF that didn't look suspicious enough.) :)

But I think I was sneaky enough to pull it off so I'm hoping the recipient enjoys the pens.

Can't wait until my next mission.

Neither can we, Affiliated Agent A! Thanks for thinking up such a fun mission!

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Anonymous said...

What a fun surprise for someone. Very cheery and helpful too. Good going!