15 August 2010

MISSION: Welcome to Hydration Station.

This summer has had a few really hot days. And since I live in the city, I see people out and about during those days. Some people love the heat. Others? Like construction workers? I bet they don't. Those men and women are outside in the blazing sun, often wearing long pants, sweating and doing really tough manual labor, all so that we can have better and safer roads, stronger buildings, and a host of other things to make our cities and towns better.

When Affiliated Agent M of New Jersey sent her mission to me, I knew I wanted to post it straight away. If you're from Pittsburgh or you've ever visited here, you know that we're the Kings of Construction. It always seems that our roads are being torn up and put back together. Sidewalks are closed off around construction of new or soon-to-be-renovated buildings. We grumble about it. Oh, yes. We do. But Affiliated Agent M's mission has helped remind me just how difficult it must be for the men and women doing those jobs. And because of that, I'm going to keep my grumbling to a minimum. Or nix it all together.

Date: Friday, 13 August 2010

Location: Construction Site; Route 36; Eatontown, NJ

Time: "way too early in the morning"

Affiliated Agent M shares her first mission with us:

New Jersey has been exceptionally hot this summer. Each day when I drive by a road construction project, I see workers out in the blazing sun wearing long pants. From my air-conditioned car, I wonder how they can stand laboring in the heat for so many hours. When I heard about Secret Agent L, these hardworking people immediately came to mind.

I purchased a Styrofoam cooler and bottles of Gatorade and headed over to the construction site early Friday morning. Deciding where to place the cooler was the hardest part because I didn’t know which piece of equipment would be used that day and I wanted my gift to be discovered. (I almost left it near the port-a-potties but thought better of that one… heee heee.) I finally chose a large machine and placed the cooler next to it.

I drove by hours later, and it appeared as if I chose an unpopular piece of equipment L. However, the cooler was discovered anyway! I am so happy that I was able to give a little something to such deserving individuals.

It’s a simple concept really. These are people I pass everyday, but it never dawned on me to leave them a gift until you planted the thought. Thank you again for opening my eyes to random acts of kindness—you are truly inspiring.

Affiliated Agent M, YOU are inspiring. Thank you for looking beyond the comfort of your air-conditioned car during these hot summer days to the men and women around you and for taking care of them. That just makes these summer days all the more sunny!


Tara said...

Oh man I love this idea! I often think of doing this, but never get around to it. PLUS, I have a growing collection of styrofoam coolers and ice packs from meds that are delivered to me every month. Haven't gotten around to recycling them somehow yet. Good idea :)

Secret Agent L said...


YES! Perfect way for you to help others AND yourself! Hope you'll send me a mission soon! :)


Carol said...

Amazing! I'm from freehold, transplanted to a midwest state because my husband is military and this mission made me a little teary eyed. What a wonderful idea!

Anonymous said...

What a great idea...being from san Antonio, tx I know about both, the best and construction. What a great idea. I love it. Great job. I have been looking for something creative and the ideas keep coming.

Anonymous said...

*heat (not best in the previous post)

Anonymous said...

Fantastic idea!

Sandy said...

I pass by that construction site on my way to work! What a great idea, to leave drinks for the construction workers. I would've never even thought about that. Such a great idea. :)