03 August 2010

MISSION: Happiness in Holland

I love getting emails from my Affiliated Agents, especially the ones who have just completed their first missions. You can easily feel the excitement in their words! It's so exciting and refreshing to experience someone participating in an act of kindness. I never, ever get tired of it.

Today's mission is from Affiliated Agent K from Holland. It's been so overwhelming to receive missions from around the globe! I never imagined that the Secret Agent L Project would take off like it has, but it's just a testament to the fact that people find kindness exciting and inviting!

Date: Monday, 2 August 2010

Time: not specified

Location: a) IKEA Restroom and b) street sign, Holland

Let's see what Affiliated Agent K has to say about her mission:

Today performed my first mission. I had some bright coloured, plastic necklaces lying around, in the colours pink and green, which I thought was very suitable :). Since the weather is really bad here in Holland, I wanted to brighten someones rainy day, and I painted 2 summer-like pictures to go with the necklaces.

I went to the IKEA nearby to drop them of. The first one in the ladies room. I wanted to place the next one on those cute toys they sell there, but the store was packed so I couldn't do it unnoticed :(. Therefore, I went on my way home, and put it on a traffic sign on the road. I hope some bicyclist will pick it up!

I really enjoyed my first mission, and I'm definitely going to do one more in the next few weeks!

Affiliated Agent K, we enjoyed your first mission, too! Thank you so much for spreading kindness on the other side of the globe. Can't wait to see your next mission!


River-Rose said...

What a wonderful idea! My hubby is a truck driver and sometimes when he is having a rough day he puts change in the coin return area of public phones. The idea that someone might find the change brightens his day!

Christina Moreno- floresdelsol said...

what a wonderful thing you are doing! congratulations on the CNN feature!

Anonymous said...

Your an inspiration XD

Justice Bird said...

I saw you on CNN! It was nice to see some GOOD news. Keep up the great work!

Justice Bird

Kelly said...

Love this, just linked you to my blog :)