29 August 2010

MISSION: Hang On, Sloopy. Hang On.

You've heard me say it before: one of the recurring themes I hear from people who contact me about the SAL Project is that they and those around them are carrying burdens. They feel like they can't hold on some days.

I've been there.

That's why I believe the SAL Project is so crucial. We need to be reminded that we're not alone, even when we feel like we can't hold on another second. That's where community comes in. We tie a knot at the end of our rope, hang on, and ask those around us to help give us strength.

That's just one reason why I chose to do this particular mission on Friday.

Date: Friday, 27 August 2010

Location: park bench; 43rd and Butler Streets; Lawrenceville section of Pittsburgh, PA

Time: 7:57 p.m.

On Friday night, I was invited to a lovely fundraiser at a really cool, local card and gift shop. The fundraiser was for one of my all-time favorite organizations: Animal Friends. When you combine paper products, puppies, and people, I'm in heaven. Needless to say, I attended and had a wonderful time.

Upon leaving, I realized I still had a mission ready to go in my purse, so I figured that was the perfect time to complete it.

Because I hear so often from people who are struggling, I wanted to remind them that they will persevere through those tough times if they just hang on.

Hang on to the end of the rope, hang on to those around them, hang on to themselves.

I also want people to know that kindness can help them through those rough patches. There's nothing more healing than extending your heart to those around you.

Sometimes we just need a little nudge...

...and a little inspiration.

And someone extending kindness can be just that.

The Lawrenceville neighborhood in Pittsburgh is quite the up-and-coming place. Lots of little shops, cafes, galleries...it's so refreshing!

The fundraiser was at Wild Card, which is now one of my Most Favorite Places Ever.

And I will definitely be spending more time in Lawrenceville.

My Number Two, Vivian, was with me and snapped a photo of me completing this particular mission. How wonderful it is to no longer be anonymous!

I hope that whoever walked by this bench had the courage to pick up this little gift.

And I hope they felt stronger for doing so.


Gabby Vannozzi said...

Love this!
It was just what I needed to brighten my day:)

You are awesome.

Anonymous said...

Not only are you super kind and thoughtful but you have awesome hand writing too :)

Anonymous said...

Love Love Love! Thank you for sharing this!

Anonymous said...

YOU are Awesome!!

Anonymous said...

I teach in this neighborhood and I am hoping maybe one of my parents picked it up and got some hope and inspiration! Thanks for coming to my neck of the woods!

subu said...

thanks for stopping by the fundraiser! it was great to hang out with you and vivian. :)

awesome that you left a little present on your way out!