13 August 2010

MISSION: Summer Wishes in Spain

You know what I love? Spreading kindness around the globe. So does Affiliated Agent J in Spain. He's an American who was recently working there on (if I remember correctly) his Master's degree and teaching at the same time. Next, he's on to Budapest. You can see his other mission here. We love him. Oh, yes. We do.

Date: Friday, 23 July 2010

Universidad de Alcala; Madrid, Spain

Time: not specified

Affiliated Agent J states:

This week, the students have their midterm exams, and everyone is panicking! The students are stressed about their final marks, the teachers about packing all of the grammar into the section, and the monitors because they have to balance work/study relations. I decided to help my students put their eyes on the prize and realize how awesome summer camp is and how lucky they are to be in such a great town.

In my class, we made thank you cards and handed them out to people that we normally don't talk to, i.e. the cleaning ladies, the cafeteria staff, the bus drivers. The class really got a kick out of it, and hopefully I made some converts to the random act of kindness group.

As for my mission, I decided that I would target some of the younger students at the camp and another camp (sort of our rival). I purchased two lime green photo frames at a local shop

wrapped them in tissue and bubble wrap, with a note in Spanish telling them to enjoy their summer holidays and remember how lucky they were and how awesome their summer was (despite the fact that they have midterms).

The younger kids dormitory is actually filled with floors that I am not allowed to go onto, so I had to be super stealthy when I placed the first photo frame below the fire extinguisher (so that the young ones would be able to see it!).

The second photo frame was put at our camp rival group. I snuck in while their group went to the beach and left it in the elevator. I know that they won't be expecting a present, and certainly not a present from our camp!

Affiliated Agent J, you're awesome. And way to go spreading kindness to your rivals! THAT'S true kindness there! Can't wait for your next mission! From BUDAPEST!

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