10 August 2010

MISSION: Cashin' in at the CVS

I love CVS Pharmacy. It's right on my way home from work, and it has, without a doubt, the best cotton balls ever. (Why, yes! It does!) It's clean, it's well-lit, and the employees at my local shop are very nice. While it's a little more expensive than, say, Target, sometimes I stop in for a little pick-me-up or, of course, my cotton balls.

Affiliated Agent B thought it'd be nice to leave a little something special for someone who parked their car in her local CVS parking lot. Maybe when they got to their car, they'll turn right around and go back in for an extra little treat!

Date: Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Time: 12:05 p.m.

Location: CVS Pharmacy parking lot; corner of State Road 70 and Lockwood Ridge Road; Bradenton, Florid

Affiliated Agent B gave up some of her lunch break to spread a little kindness today. Somebody take this girl out for lunch in return!

She says:

Today I completed my very first mission!

I targeted a car in the parking lot of CVS Pharmacy at the corner of State Road 70 and Lockwood Ridge Road in Bradenton, Florida.

I left the note card at approximately 12:05pm, during my lunch hour. I think I was stealthy enough, no one noticed me!

I had fun with all the creating and planning ... can't wait to do another one!

Well done, Affiliated Agent B! And nice touch with the plastic bag to protect your gift in the event of bad weather! *high five*


James said...

The card alone was pretty! I would love to get something so nice next time I go to CVS.....for their cotton balls. ;)

McGillicutty said...

Awesome wouldn't it be great if a blogger was the recipient... and i love CVS too.. great coupons!!!

Groovy Baby Blog said...

Great blog and the mission is awesome!

Groovy Baby Blog

Operation Smiley Face said...

Oh what a great mission. I am sure A.A. "B" made someone smile with this one! I too noticed the plastic bag that the gift was left in. Very good idea, especially here in FL where we've been getting loads of rain lately!