21 September 2010

MISSION: Aircraft and Awesomeness

Maybe it's because I pulled 7 Gs.

Maybe it's because I broke the sound barrier.

Maybe it's because I went 750 mph.

Maybe it's because I totally rocked my flight suit like nobody's business.

But I TOTALLY love military aircraft.

So this mission? Yeah. I'm all over it. Affiliated Agent GM of Kansas (by way of New York State), who is an aircraft maintainer on the
KC-135R Stratotanker (read: crew chief that makes the pilots look good) rocks.

Date: Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Location: Chicopee, Massachusetts

Time: 6:30 p.m.

Affiliated Agent GM tells us about his mission:

I'm on day 3 in Chicopee, flying out of
Westover ARB, MA. Today was a rather cloudy, cool day, which for a naturally born and raised New Yorker brings wonderful memories of my childhood.

After completing a mission and having a drink with the aircrew, I decided to drop my "kindness package." I made my way over to the Big Y grocery store, next to the Hampton Inn that I was staying at and couldn't decide how to make my drop. It wouldn't have been good to do it outside because of the drizzling rain.

I then remembered another agent who slipped their package into one of the grocery carts.

Since many of the carts were outside, I placed mine into a basket, quickly snapped a picture and left.

Too bad we're not allowed to take the "getaway vehicle" until Friday when our temporary duty to Westover ARB ends.

Affiliated Agent GM? We love you.


Also, take a look at some video that Affiliated GM shot during his real-life mission:

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Jess said...

I live in Chicopee too and I think it's awesome people here really CAN be kind. It's few and far between around here. :)