24 September 2010

MISSION: Notebooks and Niceness in the U.K.

I used to live in London.  Years ago, of course.  In the East End.  Right on Mile End Road.  I studied at Queen Mary College, which is part of the University of London.  It was part of my study abroad experience.  I even got to act at the Harold Pinter Studio Theatre.  It was an amazing experience!
So when I got Affiliated Agent W's mission, I felt a twinge of homesickness.  Hopefully someday I'll get back to my old stomping grounds.  Any British Affiliated Agents want a house guest for a bit?
Date: Friday, 27 August 2010

Location: Heaton Park; Manchester, UK
Time: 9:15 a.m.

Affiliated Agent W tells us about her amazing (and mega!) mission!

Had a big mission today!  As a lover of stationery I decided to distribute notebooks and pencils to help people dream!

The dream books were packaged with Secret Agent L cards and details, plus a note telling the finder that this was a dream book in which to write their hopes and dreams.

Pre-mission - all the notebooks and pencils were laid out ready to go.

I decided to leave the notebooks in my local park where I knew lots of people would pass by and, hopefully, find them.  I set out early so that I could do the drops without being noticed.

The first notebook was left on a wall in a secluded part of the park and should be fairly easy to find.

The second notebook was hidden between the branches of a tree a little further down the path.

I took a detour down towards a more densely wooded area and perched a notebook in the "v" of a lovely tree.  Across the pond I could see two dog walkers but I don't think they saw me!

I found another great tree with a fabulous hiding place and popped another notebook in the tree.

At this point I was nearly spotted and had to quickly photograph the next notebook and move away without being seen.

The next notebook was left in a slightly more visible spot perched between a tree and some fencing.

The next drop had to be abandoned as a dog walker in the distance turned round and caught sight of me.  I pretended to be studying trees to put him off the scent and once he had moved on I placed the next notebook on a bench.

I didn't want to make the notebooks too easy to find so I went a little off the beaten track and hid a package on a friendly tree.

As tradition dictates a notebook was left in the ladies' loos!

Then on to a favourite part of the woods where only the intrepid and observant will find the next few drops.

This one looks obvious but it's concealed up a slight incline, very near the old swimming pool.

And that was the last one.  All dropped without being observed, I believe.  A successful mission and a smile on my face!


vintagegirl said...

What a beautiful mission!!!
I may have to try something similar to this where I live!!
I love all the inventive spots!!
Congratulations for not being caught!! There was a couple of close calls there!! :)
Have a lovely day!!!

Loopy said...

I, too, am a lover of all things stationery. What a wonderful mission. Great job Affiliated Agent W!

Agent M said...

Man, you're all so creative! I'm so dull in my missions. I'm so benchmarking off all of you. :)


Agent W said...

It was great to do this mission! I had such fun doing it. Secret Agent L is an inspiration!