29 September 2010

MISSION: Roller Derby Rally for Kindness

I'm a bit of a wimp.  And by "a bit of" I actually mean full-fledged.  In high school, I played tennis.  Not exactly a rough sport.  Sure, I've flown in an F16, but I was all suited up and protected.  So, when I received this mission from a roller derbyin' gal and Affiliated Agent from Kansas, I thought to myself, "Better her than me!"  Luckily, her roughness stays on the roller derby course, because in real life, Affiliated Agent L and her fellow derby-ers are as kind and lovely (and gentle!) as can be.

Date: Saturday, 14 August 2010

Location: Towne East Mall; Wichita, Kansas

Time: 10 a.m.

Affiliated Agent L tells us about the incredible mission she planned for and executed with her fellow roller derby-ers:

So, I was so happy after completing my first mission at work on Monday, that I couldn't wait to complete another one. I wanted to do something bigger, and came up with a plan I knew I couldn't pull off alone. Friday afternoon, I posted this on my Facebook Page:

"The forces of good are formulating a TOP SECRET mission. If you are local, free Sat AM and interested in doing something awesome, message me by 6pm today. I will give you mission details then. (mission is fun and fulfilling- does not entail work...roller girls are encouraged to participate)"

I am a member of the local WFTDA roller derby league. By the end of the day, 6 Roller Girls stepped up to join the mission, committing themselves with no more information than what I had provided. I was ecstatic! I spent a little money gathering some supplies after work and then hurried home to send them their mission details. This is what I sent them:

"Greetings Operative:

Our mission begins tomorrow morning at 10am sharp. We will assemble at Mead"s Corner coffee house (430 East Douglas Avenue) to coordinate, prepare mission supplies, and fuel our bodies for this very important endeavor.

If you happen to have any small gift items around your house that you do not want or need and don't mind getting rid of, bring them. Any item should be something that would bring a smile to a random stranger's face. If nothing comes to mind, and time or money restrictions stop you from procuring a snickers bar or two on your way to meet the rest of the squadron, that is A-OK. Your mission leader will have some supplies at hand. Your presence is what is most imporant.

Sleep well, Operative, more will be revealed tomorrow."

The next morning, I arrived at the coffee shop so excited I could hardly contain myself. Everyone showed up, I explained the premise behind Secret Agent L, and we got to work. Altogether, we wrapped around 30 gifts, with message cards attached. Everyone brought a little something, and the treats ranged from bath gel to jewelry to M&Ms. We had a blast getting everything ready.

Once we were finished, we headed to the local mall. We split up into groups of 2, decided on areas on which to focus,divvied up the gifts and set out.  Only one drop was intercepted, when the fitting room attendant caught up to one operative saying, "You left this in the dressing room!" The operative denied that it was hers profusely and confusion ensued. Finally, the operative asked the attendant to read the package and left.

All in all, we had a fantastic time and a very successful operation!

Affiliated Agent L (and team!), YOU ROCK.  I love how you got so many other Affiliated Agents in on this mission, complete with a fun message on your Facebook page.  Way to go!


vintagegirl said...

What a beautiful mission!!!
I love how all these gals got together to carry out one mission bursting with kindness!!!
P.S. I hope that that the fitting room attendant kept the gift!! :)
Happy Wednesday!!!

Jessica (aka Faeanne) said...

Positively. absolutely, 100% LOVE it! What an awesome way to encourage & include others in your kindness mission. You've given me great inspiration to try something similar.

Anonymous said...

This looks like an Oak Park plant. Awesome mission!