27 September 2010

MISSION: Take a Cupcake

Cupcakes are suddenly all the rage.  Here in Pittsburgh, they're a big deal.  We have a very famous (and delicious) cupcake shop called Dozen that has a ridiculous fan base--and several locations.  I mean, it's a mini cake.  How can that be a bad thing?

Affiliated Agent C of Idaho knows a good cupcake when she tastes one, too.  And she decided to share the yuminess with a stranger.  Especially one who might not be having the greatest day at work.

Date: Thursday, 12 August 2010

Location: "Awful place to work;" Rexburg, Idaho

Time: 4:30 p.m.

She tells us about her first mission:

I'm proud to announce that after careful consideration, I accomplished my very first mission. I live in a small town in Idaho and we have a cupcake cafe that is to die for (I attached a picture of some of their cupcakes). If anyone is having a hard day, you will probably find them at this cafe because the cupcakes make you so happy! 

There is also a place of employment in our town that is HORRIBLE to work at! I know, because I used to work there. I was driving past the cupcake cafe and I started thinking about those poor employees having to work at such a wretched place so I decided to buy a gift certificate and leave it where a tired employee of said horrible business could find it. I didn't have time to run home and print off the official "Secret Agent L" business card, but I did mention it in the note on my cupcake stationary that was in the car.

(I would have left an actual cupcake instead of a gift certificate, but I figured I didn't know anyone that would eat unpackaged food left by a stranger...)

I figured out how to maneuver myself undetected to the kiosk where all the employee's have to swipe in, and got read to take a nice picture when people started walking in! I had to quickly snap a pic and then HIDE, so I'm afraid my final picture is blurry.

But I feel GREAT! I honestly couldn't stop smiling the rest of the day thinking about the person who found that card.

Thanks for the idea to do this! I just may be hooked.

Affiliated Agent "C"

Affiliated Agent C, I can't stop smiling, either!  I love that you made this so personal and that you were so thoughtful regarding the recipient.  I hope you'll do another mission again soon!


Anonymous said...

Those cupcakes look delicious! What a sweet mission! ;) I can't wait to do my own!! =)

crys said...

Yumm-O!...I am overdue for a trip to Idaho. What a great idea for a mission! Your penmanship is outstanding!

JayJay Littleheart said...

I kinda <3 you, stranger.

James said...

I'm from Pittsburgh and miss Dozen so much! Dozen may have been a contributing factor to my freshman 15...and I really wish that I could get some cupcakes here.

Anonymous said...

Love the note! So cute! So sweet! :-)