15 September 2010

MISSION: Boxes o' Fun!

I love when my Affiliated Agents get creative with their missions. When they make their gifts, embellish their notes and cards, it adds a certain personal touch that I'm sure the recipient would appreciate. Affiliated Agent SP from southeast Oklahoma put her creative talents to use and brings us this special mission.

Date: Saturday, 14 August 2010

Location: Wal-Mart, southeastern Oklahoma

Time: time not specified by agent

Hello Laura, AKA Secret Agent L. Today was my first mission - I felt totally like a kid again which is pretty exciting when you are 59 years young.

I created my little boxes from card stock and filled them with a potpourri sachet of roses, a shell and a penny.

I wrapped it with ribbon and raffia and put a little paper under it with the saying:

A Shell for Travel, Envision the Ocean. A Penny for Luck, May it Double Each Day. A Scent of Rose forever Enchanting, Found Treasures to Brighten Your Day.

Then I put my tag on it that says "this is for you" and set it in place with your card.

I took two parcels with me to Wal-Mart today and placed one at the blood pressure seat. The other I planted in a woman's stall. Almost forgot to leave your card with it as the door opened and another person came in. Snapped a fuzzy pic and hightailed out out. Later I saw this lady with her elderly mother and a daughter leaving the store, and she had the gift in her hand holding it like a delicate bird. It really put a smile on my face! I wonder if she put two and two together as we smiled at each other as we passed in the restroom.

I am grateful for the bright light feelings this little mission has given me.

And we're grateful for your act of kindness (and special creative talents!), Affiliated Agent SP! Way to go!


Operation Smiley Face said...

Great job A.A. SP! I'm a big fan of handmade gifts, as are most people I would imagine. There is just something extra special about a gift when it was done with someone's two hands. I love the way you wrapped the finised piece. That in itself is a gift. Oh and by the way, I will have to "borrow" that idea of place a gift at the blood pressure machine. Keep up the great missions.


Jessica (aka Faeanne) said...

I love it and I know the one's who found them did too! The homemade touches are great and I love the card you created for it!