26 September 2010

MISSION: Ice Cream, You Scream, We All Scream for...Kindness!

With summer officially over (but only by a couple of days), I thought I'd give one final shout-out to the time of year during which we all indulge in cold, refreshing treats: lemonade, iced tea, and...ice cream!

Affiliated Agent H of Ontario, Canada really used her creativity and kind heart to share not only the deliciousness of a local ice cream shop, but the opportunity to help out a small business owner.  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this mission!

Date: Friday, 20 August 2010

Location: various stores; Orangeville, Ontario, Canada

Time: 11:30 a.m.

Affiliated Agent H shares a little bit about herself and tells us about her first mission:

Hi Secret Agent L (Laura!)

So it's done.... my first mission of random kindness.  It felt WONDERFUL!  Before I tell you about my mission I thought I'd share with you a little about me.  I'm a stay-at-home Mom to 2 sweet little ladies (3 years old and 9 months old) and my family is really important to me.  So is being able to teach my girls compassion, empathy and kindness..... so when I was directed to your blog by a friend of mine I knew it was the perfect opportunity for me to not just teach them but to SHOW them how little acts of kindness can not only make you feel good about yourself but more importantly can make someone else feel really great about themselves.

I asked my 3 year old what she would like to find if she were just out and about somewhere one day and her first reply was "ice cream!"  I thought about this for a while because I wanted her to feel connected to the whole process....but how the heck was I going to leave ice cream out to brighten someone's day?!  Then I happened to be reading our local paper and a letter to the editor caught my eye.  It was a new local business women who had written in to voice her concerns about not being allowed to participate in our community's annual bash held downtown along the main street because her business was located outside the parameters of the downtown core.  She was upset because she felt like as a new business here in Orangeville the town should try to help promote rather then shut out like that.  What is her business you ask?  She operates an ice cream store!  A light bulb went off in my brain and I knew exactly what I was going to do!  Not only was I going to brighten someone's day with a tasty treat I was also going to help promote a small business women's company right in our own hometown.... perfect!

I have had an ice cream cone from her store before and it was very yummy.  Her business is called "I Scream for Ice Cream" and part of the reason that her ice cream is so delicious is because she actually makes all of her ice cream right in the store fresh every day!  

So here is my mission:

I went and bought 5 gift cards from "I Scream for Ice Cream", each one good for one free kiddie cone of your choice of flavour (a $2 value per cone).  Then I stopped at a mom's favourite store for a mission on a budget...the Dollar Store. 

I bought some pink and green ribbon to help dress them up.  I had some blank note cards at home that were perfect....a green border with a nice pink flower at the top....it's like they were made just for SAL. :)  

I wrote out a little note on each, placed a gift card with each one and attached your calling card to the outside of each envelope with the ribbon. 

I told my 3 year old that we were going on a secret mission that day and she insisted on wearing her super hero leggings (as she calls them)  I think she is under the impression that secret missions are only carried out by super heroes.... I love how their minds work at this age.  I snapped a picture of her leggings before we got into the truck....

I wanted to drop my gifts off at stores that I know other moms shop at a lot so I picked (surprise, surprise) our local grocery store (Sobey's) and our local dollar store (The Dollar Store).  I spend a LOT of time in both of these locations....so much so that some of the employees will say hi to us by name.  What can I say.... the life of a stay-at-home mom can get pretty lonely so I like to spread our errand running out throughout the entire week. :)

I dropped 4 cards off on random shelves in the grocery store, sticking to the product sections that I knew other Mom's (or parents in general) would be browsing or at the eye height of smaller children.  I took pictures with my cell phone after each drop (except for one of the grocery store ones....I almost got caught leaving the card on the shelf and had to pretend to be looking for something else on a different shelf...)  I found out that it's also hard to try to blend in when you have a 3 year old following you around asking you where you are going to leave the treats for people, lol!

I was not able to witness any of the gifts being picked up but I did have to go back to each store later that night because in my excitement of the mission I forgot to grab something that I needed from both locations and they had all been picked up!

All in all it was a pulse racing, heart filling adventure and I hope to continue spreading random acts of kindness in our community with my little "super hero" helpers!

Thank you for being such a great inspiration!

Thank YOU, Affiliated Agent H (and your Super Hero Helper!) for being so aware of your community and how a simple act of kindness can help out so many people!  I LOVE this mission!


Anonymous said...

Awesome- a win/win for the finders and the ice cream store! And I especially love that you included your daughter in the mission.

Anonymous said...

I seriously need to find some super-hero leggings! Thank you for sharing this, absolutely wonderful!