01 September 2010

MISSION: Landing in Holland.

I love this.

And I know you'll love it, too.


I love when the world connects. And that's just what happened when Affiliated Agent L of Illinois completed her mission the other day while she was in Holland.

Date: Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Location: Schipol Airport; Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Time: 8:30 a.m.

Make sure you read Affiliated Agent L's account of her mission...and then see what's posted after it.


Here are the pictures for my mission…

As I mentioned on your website, I have been making my drops for a couple of weeks now, but this one will be the “Official” one…

I know that every now and then we all get in those “moods” where we feel that nothing is ever going to go right again, and that during those times, all we need is a little push in the right direction to make us smile again…

I wanted my “gifts” to do that…

So I bought a nice postcard, wrote my message with my most beautiful handwriting, added one of the three little quote books from Sam Glenn (the “Attitude Guy”), and left it by one of the computers in the Internet CafĂ© of the Schipol International Airport in Amsterdam, Holland!

Everyone was so busy checking email, and killing time while waiting for their flight, that they did not even see me leaving my little gift behind me…

I wish I had had time to wait around to see who was the recipient of my “positive kick” was going to be, but I had my own plane to catch, and just left it to fate to determine who the most needed it!

I have now left a grand total of 6 of those “gifts”, the others mainly on cars’ windshields, at Walgren’s, at the Park N Ride, at WalMart, etc…

This is a lot of fun, and I hope that the people who receive those gifts will appreciate those positive quotes as much as I do!

Thank you so much for starting this!

And congratulations again on your increasing number of Affiliated Agents!

I know I am utterly proud to be one!

With love and gratitude,

Affiliated Agent L.

Hello secret agent L.,

I'm a security officer at Schiphol Airport in the Netherlands and today started pretty bad.
Had to get up at 3 am to go to work and every passager at the airport was grumpy and bitchy.

So i thought my day was completely ruined
... untill i found a RAK.

A envelop with a card inside and a little book "it's gonna be okay".
It made my day.

I'm hoping that thru this i can thank the person who left this gift that brightened my day.
And i'm thanking u for starting this amazing project!!

With kind regards,
(withheld for privacy)

ps. I made a picture of the RAK which i included in the mail.

We are all connected. And my heart is overwhelmed.


Lisa Clayberg said...

I love seeing this response!!! To know that you've touched someone in a positive way is such a great feeling!

Operation Smiley Face said...

Awwww how nice! And it was cool too see it come full circle by also hearing from one of the recipients. I got a little teary reading that. Keep up the great work Affliated Agent L. and thanks for posting these great stories Laura. They are all so inpsiring.

Anonymous said...

This almost made me cry....

The greatest project ever known to man is in your hands - in EVERYONES hands.

Crys said...

I was having a particularly bad day today, but this reading about this RAK truly warmed my heart. How Beautiful!

Caroline said...

my day SUCKED. the kind of day where it seems like every bitty little tiny thing goes wrong. Work was tiring and left you 30 minutes to eat and get back out the door--where you encounter traffic traffic and more traffic. People being mean in traffic. People making bad judgments in traffic--you included. The one store having a 20 minute wait that you just cannot handle tonight. So you can't run your most important errand. A long long long long line at another store and one person working. And slow people in front of you. And loud cell phone talkers behind you. Where you go to the store for ONE THING and forget that one thing. Where when you finally finally get home, the sprinklers are on in front of your apartment and you cannot avoid getting wet. A staple that goes through your skin and makes you bleed bleed bleed.

reading this? completely helped. <3

James said...

This seems amazing! So nice to see all the impact that your affiliated agent made.

Anonymous said...

Love Love Love it! Thanks for sharing the follow-up response!

Anonymous said...

I just read this and had a full-body shiver - amazing how these things matter so much, isn't it?

Fizz said...

This is wonderful! Makes me glad to not only be an affiliated agent, but also to know that that RAK really did make someone's day just a little better. Wonderful!

Anonymous said...

This totally made me tear-up! Such a great post. I love that the recipient contacted you. This is a great thing you have started. :)

Anonymous said...

Crying right now.... MEAN IT!!

Who writes Traffic Notes? said...

Love this!!