17 September 2010

MISSION: Diaper-Changing Surprise

I love Target. So much. I could spend my entire paycheck in a matter of seconds in that place. Most of my wardrobe is from Target. I feel so happy every time I'm there.

Affiliated Agent LR of Massachusetts picked a great mission for a fellow Target shopper. I love her creativity!

Date: Thursday, 31 August 2010

Location: Women's Restroom; Target; Abington, Massachusetts

Time: 4:45 p.m.

She states:

Being an Aunt to nine children and a nanny to many others I wanted to come up with something child related for my mission.

As I was using a public restroom one day it hit me! I decided to leave a little something for a mom (or female caregiver) at the restroom changing table. I chose Target because it is one of my favorite stores and one that I always seem to be at.

I thought that someone taking care of a child in diapers would appreciate some coupons for diapers and wipes.

I also included a $5 Target gift card. Having a child in diapers can be expensive and hopefully this will ease the burden, somewhat, of paying for them.

I snuck into the ladies room and I was lucky enough to be alone. I was very nervous because the changing table is right next to the restroom door. After I left my package I put the changing table back in the upright position. I can't wait for someone to find it!!

As I was leaving I couldn't help but smile. It's such a good feeling!

On my way through the parking lot I encountered a STOP sign. I thought, "We should all STOP and spread a little kindness."

Thanks for letting me share in the great work that you do. I'm looking forward to my next mission.

Thank YOU, Affiliated Agent LR, for your creativity and kindness.


Jamie said...

Love this one!!!! So great! I bet you made somebody's day with your thoughtfulness!

James said...

I love clipping the coupons. I doubt many busy moms have time for that, but that everyone would appreciate it!

Jessica (aka Faeanne) said...

What a great place to leave your RAOK- so appropriate for the type of person you was leaving it for. Good job!

Kim Z said...

This is my favorite one yet. As a mom, I can assure you that the last thing you want to have to do while out running errands is stop for a diaper change. And, yes, diapers are expensive. As a result, I'm sure that this one is guaranteed to brighten the day of whomever finds it!

Anonymous said...

A fellow Abingtonian (or south shore area-ian)! I have yet to do some missions (awaiting some funds) but as I was browsing, I said to myself "That target looks familiar..." then I saw where it was. What a small world!