22 September 2010

MISSION: New Orleans Double Mission

Know what I had for lunch today? Subway. I love Subway. There's a shop right on our campus where I work, so I frequent the joint quite a bit. I'm a creature of habit: toasted flat bread veggie delight sandwich. Nom nom nom!

Affiliated Agent K of New Orleans has the right idea. Maybe she'll come do a mission in Pittsburgh? For, um, me? I mean, she DID do TWO missions within two days of each other. Not too shabby, Affiliated Agent K. Not too shabby at all.

Date: Saturday, 14 August 2010

Location: Tanger Outlet Mall; 40 miles outside of New Orleans, Louisiana

Time: not specified

Affiliated Agent K share her adventure with us:

I am so happy to be an Affiliate Agent. I had my first experience this weekend.

I put a $5 gift certificate to Subway in a greeting card along with the Secret Agent business card.

On the outside of the envelope was written "Yes! This is for you. Open it and have a great day". My pictures will show the Subway where I purchase a $5 gift card, the greeting card, what I put on the envelope, what I wrote inside the card, and where I left it.

As you know, I live in the Metropolitan New Orleans area. I am about 40 miles from a Tanger Outlet Mall. I left the card on the counter of a Bath and Body Works in that mall. The pictures show where I left it and also shows someone checking out and not noticing the card.

This made me feel wonderful and I hope that whoever found it feels as good knowing that someone to pass a little kindness their way.

And Mission #2!

Date: Monday, 16 August 2010

Location: A Clerk's Desk; Office Building; New Orleans, Louisiana

Time: not specified

Today, August 16, 2010, I left a Greeting Card, a Subway Gift Certificate and a Bath and Body Works very small hand lotion on the desk of the Clerk's Office in my building.

I wanted a specific person to get it, so I put it all in a bag and just wrote her name on it. I left it on the counter while no one was watching. I am sure she got it, but don't know her reaction. I really wanted to do something nice for her. The pictures labeled SAL-8, SAL-9, SAL-10 and SAL-11 are what I sent to her. I was not able to get a picture of where I left the package since it was during work hours and then everyone would know who left it.

Thank you so much for including me as an Affiliate Agent. I will let you know when I complete my next mission. I can't tell you how excited I am.

Affiliated Agent K, you are awesome. TWO missions within TWO DAYS of each other? I could learn a lot from you. *high five*

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