14 September 2010

MISSION: Newsworthy Niceness

I never read the newspaper. Heck, I hardly even watch the news. I know, I know. I should read the paper and watch the news. I need to be a more informed citizen, but the news is always so bad! I've decided that for a while I just want to live in ignorant bliss.

BUT, Affiliated Agent A in Tallahassee, Florida, did a mission recently that made me think maybe I should read the newspaper a little more often.

Date: Thursday, 19 August 2010

Location: newspaper machine; Tallahassee, Florida

Time: not specified by agent

Affiliated Agent A tells us about her very first mission:

Today I completed my first mission as a Secret Agent L Affiliate Agent. It wasn't anything big, but I basically bought a local newspaper (Tallahassee Democrat) and placed a note on the newspaper that read "Enjoy a paper on me! Have a wonderful day!" and attached the Secret Agent L card to it. I placed the newspaper on top (well, kind of on the side) of the machine. I went by a few hours later on my lunch break and the paper was gone...which made me feel good.

It was a small mission, but I was imagining how I would feel if I had walked up and seen that...I would have thought that was nice of someone to do, so that's why I chose this as my first mission. I would like to thank you again for this experience. It's something everyone should think to do just because...but sometimes it takes seeing someone else do it to give us a little push. I have attached a couple pictures for you to see.

This was fun!

It IS fun! Even simple acts like buying someone a newspaper shows that you care. Thank you, Affiliated Agent A, for being a part of that kindness!

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Jessica (aka Faeanne) said...

Great job- bookmarking the idea for future use