06 September 2010

MISSION: Notes in Nature

I'm a sucker for paper products. Note cards, notebooks, stationery, envelopes, scrapbook paper, wrapping paper, drawer liners...

Yes. I just went there.

I have more paper products than I know what to do with, and yet, it always seems that I'm searching the depths of my handbag or the nooks of my car for some sort of notebook to jot something down in. Affiliated Agent C of Maine thought to help other people like me out of such a situation.

Date: Sunday, 15 August 2010

Location: Royal Rivers Natural Food; Freeport, Maine

Time: Agent did not specify

She says:

Here are pics of my first mission. I had received a really cute little notebook from a paper company...swag from a conference Yay! I was saving it for a special occasion, and what more special than a random gift for a random person.

Anyway, I'm a bit of a notebook connoisseur, and this one has lovely vellum paper (the cashmere of paper), so be assured it would be a treat for the finder :) Also, its design is subtle black with a metallic red heart. Awww!

The card was purchased years ago as part of a tsunami relief, decorated by school children, heartwarming, no?!

I left the little gift in plastic wrap at an outdoor seating area in Freeport, Maine at Royal Rivers Natural Food.

Yes, there it is, and if you can believe it the leaves have started changing a little...those didn't start yellow!

Love it, Affiliated Agent C! Can't wait to see what you come up with next!

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